Bee Garden

In a privately owned area of 4,000 square meters 12 kilometers outside Thessaloniki, we started 5 years ago to plant beekeeping plants that we transfer from the Greek countryside and even from areas where they thrive and are efficient for beekeeping.e.g. Sousura from Halkidiki, thyme from Peloponnese, trachea pine from Thassos, Chalepio from Kassandra, pine trees from Sithonia, fraxo (apple tree) from Holomontas, asphacus from Galaxidi, eucalyptus from Patras etc.

We distinguish them in 4 major categories such as:

The area is constantly enriched with new plants that exist in the Greek countryside

Within the farm we have placed glass observation hives from which the visitor can watch the activity of the bees inside the hive.

The beekeeping museum has a special place in the garden.

Finally an exhibition of beekeeping products for the visitor to taste all kinds of honey of the Greek nature and to see the process of extracting honey from the honeycombs.
The place is available to anyone interested who would like to get to know the Greek beekeeping flora, to groups of students, pupils, trainees in beekeeping.

The Society of Bees

30 thousand bees, 3-4 thousand drones and 1 queen live harmoniously in a hive. Some build honeycombs, others take care of the cleaning, others are sentinels and protect the swarm, others for honey and pollen collection.

The queen mother is the one who keeps the swarm coherent and lays the eggs that will then develop into young bees.

In the viewing room that we maintain on the farm equipped with all the modern visual aids, a qualified beekeeper explains to visitors the stages of brood development from egg to adult bee, the role of the drone, the process of conversion by the bees of nectar into honey.

In glass hives located on the farm, visitors can see bees in full activity building honeycombs, collecting pollen and nectar in real time.